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A High Caliber Manufacturer of True Northern Hardwood Solid and Engineered Flooring

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Aacer Flooring is located deep in the northwoods of Wisconsin, where the winters are cold and long.  It’s the perfect combination for producing truly exceptional hardwood.  Unparalleled quality, rich consistent color and tight grain make northern hardwoods the premium choice in hardwood flooring among homeowners, architects, designers and the building community.   

Aacer is a fully integrated hardwood flooring manufacturing facility.  From the selection of northern hardwoods to the drying, precision milling, hand grading and prefinishing, Aacer has control over each step of the process.  Managing the entire operation under the Aacer roof, together with generations of experience, allows Aacer to deliver consistent flooring job after job, year after year.  

Aacer Flooring.  A high caliber manufacturer of true Northern Hardwood solid and engineered flooring in Unfinished, Prefinished and Specialty surface treatments.

Product Types:

  • Prefinished Solid Hardwood

  • Unfinished Solid Hardwood

Key Features:

  • Northern Hardwood

  • Available in variety of widths, colors & grades

  • Made in USA

  • Fully Integrated Manufacturing Facility