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Innovative Systems of Rubber, Vinyl, Linoleum, VCT, LVT & Wall Bases

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Our value is measured by the positive impact our solutions have on people – people who work, learn, shop, play and heal within the environments in which we contribute. Through a coordinated and innovative system of rubber, vinyl, linoleum, wall base, stairwell management and finishing accessories, Johnsonite solutions deliver measurable return on investment in a sustainable way, and are designed to harmonize with Tandus Centiva solutions, providing the ultimate flooring experience across the Tarkett family of brands.

Product Types:

  • Rubber Floorings and base

  • Vinyl Flooring

  • Moldings & Trims

  • LVT and VCT

Key Features:

  • Multi Family/ Healthcare/ Hospitality

  • Resilient

  • High Performance