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Tarkett VCT

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Innovative Systems of Rubber, Vinyl, Linoleum, VCT, LVT & Wall Bases


Composition tiles provide economic value and a multitude of patterns and quality options to optimize performance across a number of high traffic installation areas. From the original vinyl composition tile (VCT), to vinyl enhanced tile (VET) and solid vinyl tile (SVT), composite tiles are budget friendly and withstand heavy foot and rolling traffic. US-made and low-emitting, composite tile contribute to the safety and health of every space. Johnsonite solutions deliver measurable return on investment in a sustainable way, and are designed to harmonize with Tandus Centiva solutions, providing the ultimate flooring experience across the Tarkett family of brands.

Product Types:

  • vinyl composition tile (VCT)

  • Vinyl enhanced tile (VET)

  • Solid vinyl tile (SVT)

Key Features:

  • Multi Family/ Healthcare/ Hospitality

  • Resilient

  • High Performance