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From Forest to Floor


Since 1985, LAUZON Flooring has been devoted to marrying the artistry of finely crafted wood with the science of making beautifully resilient and comfortable natural floors. Their collections come in an impeccable array of woods, tones, and colors.

LAUZON works in harmony with the environment. Through a fully integrated operation, they have built a business that is at the forefront of sustainable forest management and stewardship and enjoys FSC® - certification.

No wonder homeowners, architects, designers and builders have turned to LAUZON for the finest hardwood floors that retain their beauty. Not only do their floors not emit toxins, they purify the air with their exclusive Pure Genius smart floor technology.

Discover LAUZON Collections for floors that embody rich character, style and craftsmanship.

Product Types:

  • Prefinished Engineered Hardwood Floors

  • Prefinished Solid Hardwood Floors

Key Features:

  • Pure Genius Air-Purifying Smart Floors

  • Hard Maple

  • White Oak / Red Oak

  • Exotics