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Manufacturing the Best Brazilian Wood Flooring for the Most Upscale Tastes


Some of the world’s most respected settings, such as The Vatican, feature Indusparquet products. Many of world’s biggest and most upscale retail design leaders too. Louis Vuitton stores and Ferrari showrooms trust their brand to Indusparquet.

Indusparquet produces the best Brazilian wood flooring for the most upscale tastes.

Their customers understand the wood, and their technology, but also have an eye for planning, space and the creativity to understand how this wood will capture the light in the room.

Product Types:

  • Brazilian wood like you've never seen

  • Brazilian Cherry, Chestnut, Hickory, Pecan, Teak, Santos Mahogany, Amendoim, Tigerwood, and Walnut

Key Features:

  • Langania

  • Brazilian Oak Wirebrushed

  • Earl Gray

  • Flint

  • South Beach

  • Whiskey Barrel


Additional Information

Leading architects and designers buy Indusparquets wood for the beauty and durability, but remain clients, because of their products, processes and professionalism. They know what it means to be the best, having learned that customers appreciate that level of excellence across everything they do.

Beyond the beauty of Indusparquet’s hardwoods, clients trust that their products preserve and protect the environment. Indusparquet work closely with the Brazilian government, which strictly controls the country’s timber harvest. They don’t remove endangered trees, trees that provide food for animals and trees that are seed carriers. And because few trees are removed and the fertile ones remain, the forest naturally regenerates by itself.

Growth of smaller trees is nurtured when a company removes the mature trees, naturally.

Indusparquets careful planning goes from the extraction of the logs through re-forestation areas, but it also goes inside their factories. Their process consumes 100% of all timber that arrives at the factory.

By-products are used to create innovative-design oriented recycled products, or to generate energy for the factories in the boiler. It takes more planning, a little more thought, but Indusprquets reputation is based on a goal of zero waste.